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Meet the Doula

Hannah Zomer, CD-L



Hi! I’m Hannah! Wife to an Aussie. Stay at home/homeschool/foster mama and most recently, certified labor doula, raising three biological kids and one foster babe. I’ve always loved birth and supporting women and recently turned that love into a dream and created The Bump Doula! I’ve had three very different birth experiences including hospital, home, medicated, unmedicated, and also have delivered in Australia, along with the US. The one thing that didn’t differ was that I needed support through all of them. My family was great support, but the more I learned about birth, the more I knew my husband and I needed more than just their loving support! We needed someone who offered birth education and unbiased emotional and physical support. We needed a doula! I knew if we needed it, then there were likely many families in our community looking for the same thing!

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